Create a valuable growth business that
leverages bistable LCD technology.

• Business building
• Reframing the business opportunity
• IP & technology road map.

Technology in FMCG

ZBD Ascot ongoing - Jun 2011
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Retail Display – Building a valuable growth business that leverages bistable LCD technology (consumes no power in display mode) combined with novel low power wireless technologies, software and communications hardware, ZBD created a complete digital signage solution for global retailers.  As a second phase ZBD developed a fast payback product for solving problems with food wastage in the fresh produce and deli areas of supermarkets that delivered on significant ROI for founding investors.

Our team helped Find the opportunity, Fund the business and Fostered it’s growth through our roles as Directors and interim managers.

ZBD is now one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses in a multi billion $ market, and Cambiio remains active with the business

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