We Find | Fund | Foster growth technology businesses

  •  R&D portfolio validation
  • Business Validation
  • Pipeline Governance
  • Venture Funding Mechanism

We structure finance to fund valuable propositions

We provide the robust validation method required to product the investment grade business plans. We provide the process and systems by which individual projects funnel though the pipeline. We provide the infrastructure which allows third party venture funding to co-invest.

We deliver funded businesses to develop and launch valuable propositions

R&D portfolio validation – evaluates your R&D projects to prioritize their commercial value and ensure proper capital allocation

Business Validation – Uses our robust and proven CO*STAR methodology to validate product propositions. It delivers  an investment grade business plan which will satisfy potential investors

Pipeline Governance– we define and manage the process by which projects are identified, selected, developed, and prioritized within the portfolio of projects.  Selected propositions which are not funded internally are pitched to selected potential investors.

Venture Funding Mechanism – VFM designs an unique framework which allows third party funds to co-invest along side a corporate into a spun out internal venture.  This framework provides the mechanism by which external funds are made available for projects that otherwise not be funded.

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