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Cambiio Ventures has its origins in growth technology, where the founders have been responsible for business acceleration for major corporates. We’ve lived what you are currently going through.

Naturally consultative in nature, we are not management consultants.

You don’t engage with us to receive reports,  you engage to get operational new ventures with a validated business plan and a team that delivers measured value!

Essentially we work for major corporations who find it difficult to launch new products and ventures –  whether this is due to a lack of bandwidth, existing processes and internal organisational structures prevent flexibility or financing isn’t available!

So what we bring to the table is a pragmatic, rigorous and proven approach to validating your IP portfolio, validating individual projects, blue printing the business prior to launch and then unleashing the business into the market.

Our extensive expert network ensures we can find the right skills to apply to almost any venture you are likely to throw at us.

Increasingly corporates look for alternative financing models- for instance ones that may include off balance sheet structures. Taking this challenge we developed a collaborative funding vehicle which allows Venture Funds to co-invest, providing funds to projects that would otherwise be starved of capital.

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