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  •  Business Blue Printing
  • Business incubation
  • Business exit or Reintegration

We incubate high growth businesses.

We design a business from the bottom up. We begin with the detailed blue printing of the business, to determine whether or not the product may be launched. Once launched , we ensure required management resources are available to first revenues. Thereafter we will transition the business back into the core of the business or prepare for an orderly exit. We thus ensure that the value of the business proposition is harvested.

Business Blue Printing – comprises 28+ work streams which fix the nitty gritty elements of launching the product. Typically we will implement an independent new company which manages the relationship with the corporate and other stakeholders. We deliver a turnkey operational plan to start the company – and a go – no go decision to proceed.

Business incubation– ensures the full management team to launch the product is in place and coached to support the project. Key functions are filled by Cambiio staff when there are long lead times to reposition the right internal people to fill posts. Business incubation brings the company to the point of early revenues.

Business exit or Reintegration – The corporate can then decide whether it takes back management, by reintegrating back into the organisation or prepares the company for sale. We manage an orderly process for either selected choice.


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